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Why would I buy a poly septic tank over a concrete although initial outlay is more?

Poly vs concrete septic tanks, why they differ in price

On the contrary, concrete septic tanks are more expensive than poly septic tanks due to the following reasons:

1. Concrete septic tanks involve more heavy equipment (e.g. bigger excavator and transporting equipment) during its building or installation phase. Larger machinery translates to higher costs.

2. Concrete septic tanks require more parts, such as steel rebars and wire reinforcements, to be put together. More materials and the resulting time required to complete the work adds up to the overall cost.

3. Several characteristics including the material (e.g. porousness) and damage to associated parts (e.g. reinforcing mesh) make concrete septic tanks more high-maintenance than poly.

All the above factors – overall cost during installation and maintenance cost for upkeep – combine to make concrete septic tanks more expensive, both initially and in the long run, than their poly counterpart. The fact that poly septic tanks are more lightweight, low-maintenance and come ready to be used are just some of the reasons to choose the poly alternative.

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