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How often should my Coerco septic tank be pumped out?

Your septic tank should be pumped out every 2 - 5 years, or 8, depending on factors such as the number of people in your household and/or the extent of solid waste material present in your tank.

A septic tank may be pumped out every 2 to 5 years. However, this can vary depending on the amount of solid wastes in your tank and the number of people in your household. For example, a two-person household may require desludging every 8 years.

Apart from this, annual inspection should be done to check for any damage.

If you’re not sure whether your septic tank needs pumping, you can have it inspected by a certified pumper near you and then get advice as to when (or how often) you should get your tank pumped again. You can even record this data on paper to make sure you don’t forget.