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How durable are your liquid fertiliser storage tanks?

When tested with a weight of a telehandler, the roof of our liquid fertiliser storage tanks simply bounces back to shape.

They are durable as durable gets. Coerco's liquid fertiliser storage tanks come fresh out of the machine in one piece after moulding. The inlets and outlets are poly welded with upgrades available to reduce filling times. The strength of the poly welded inlet and outlet can bear the weight of the tank itself!

The roof remains intact when tested with the weight of a telehandler with its front wheels off the ground. The roof simply bounces back to its original shape.

Video FAQ and Product Demonstration

Coerco’s liquid fertiliser storage tank maintains its shape even when hauled and thrown to the ground repeatedly (this would be risky to do to a fibreglass tank, which aren’t as robust as poly tanks).

These liquid fertiliser storage solutions are not only durable but are also approved for liquid storage by all of the major liquid fertiliser companies in Australia. They are ideal for long-term storage, fully UV stabilised to protect their contents, impact resistant, and made with chemical-resistant poly material to ensure longevity and reliability. All aspects of design are founded on careful analysis of structure.