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How capable are Coerco poly diesel tanks at storing diesel?

Coerco diesel storage tanks are made using quality diesel-compatible polyethylene. The seamless design made possible with quality polyethylene contributes to durability and effectiveness in storing diesel.

Coerco diesel storage tanks are made using diesel-compatible and Australian made Alkatuff polyethylene. Alkatuff polyethylene passed tensile testing post diesel exposure. Tensile testing, otherwise called “tension testing”, involves applying a pulling force to an object to measure the object’s response, which helps determine the strength of the material. Coerco poly diesel tanks, being made of Alkatuff, are impervious to diesel and don’t buckle in the presence of stress.

Moreover, rust, which steel tanks are vulnerable to, is not an issue with Coerco's poly diesel fuel tanks. Seams, which steel tanks have, are vulnerable areas that predispose steel diesel tanks to damage and compromise diesel quality. In contrast, our poly diesel storage tanks are moulded through a process called rotational moulding which produces a seamless (jointless) design, making our diesel tanks more resistant to damage such as cracks, and thus, preventing diesel-leakage.

From using only quality polyethylene to their seamless design, Coerco poly diesel tanks are more than capable of storing diesel.

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