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Are Coerco poly diesel tanks at risk of algae contamination?

To prevent algae contamination, a diesel fuel tank must be thick and dark enough to ward off both heat and sunlight - qualities that Coerco poly diesel tanks have.

Algae needs water, sunlight and heat to thrive and multiply. Coerco’s poly diesel storage and transport tanks are sufficiently thick and have just the right shade of colour required to prevent heat and sunlight from penetrating the walls, stopping algae contamination before it happens.

Another advantage of Coerco diesel tanks in the prevention of algal blooms is their seamless quality. Leaks from tiny cracks around the seams of metal/steel tanks can allow water to gain access inside - inviting algae. Even a quarter of an inch of water at the bottom of a substandard diesel tank is enough breeding ground for algae and bacteria/fungus to proliferate.